About me

I have lived and worked in Victoria since the early 70s, and am now in my early seventies.  

Art experience includes studying at Central Tech in Toronto, various workshops and evening classes in Toronto and Victoria. I also owned a picture framing and art gallery for many years until 2007, consequently sold it and am now retired.  

Exhibitions include the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, the Look show through the CACGV, studio tours and Eclectic Gallery and small works at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.  

I maintain that it is my prerogative to paint in any style, and subject matter that appeals to me, therefore my paintings do show differing styles, and palette changes.  

Generally I enjoy working either with abstracts or figurative, however a certain number of impressionistic landscapes do manifest at times. The medium I prefer is acrylic, mainly on canvas but sometimes on cradleboard, and collage factors in on some works as well.